6 Bad Habits Before Sleep Cause Weight Gain

6 Bad Habits Before Sleep Cause Weight Gain

Are you trying to lose weight? Along with dieting and exercise, there are some bad habits that you should get rid of in your daily routine. These habits that affect your career in getting rid of excess weight.

Then we offer you dear 6 bad habits before sleeping cause weight gain.
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1 Dining in front of the television:

Eating food at night while watching TV is one of the worst habits. Some studies have shown that eating in front of television makes you feel hungry and makes you eat more than usual. When you watch your favorite series, you see it with full focus. You have finished your whole meal without feeling full, eating more food and increasing your weight, so take your meals away from the TV.

2 Go to sleep after dinner directly:

You should have dinner two hours before going to sleep. Because eating and then going to sleep directly leads to gastrointestinal problems and affects the metabolism, helping to convert the calories you ate during the meal to body fat.

3 Eating the fries at dinner:

Eating fries is one of the main reasons that lead to weight gain, especially if you eat it in the evening. It contains a high-calorie content that the body can not burn during sleep. It is stored in the body in the form of fat and you can replace the fries with baked or grilled foods.

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4 Sleeping late night:

Sleeping sickness causes weight gain. The body needs 8 hours of continuous sleep. Some studies have shown that a woman who sleeps 5 hours a night or less becomes 30% overweight. Because sleep helps to increase the hormone cortisol responsible for feeling stressed and increase this hormone to slow the metabolism (metabolism), and thus increase your weight very quickly, then you should get enough sleep every day.

5 Browse technology before sleep:

Studies have shown that exposure to blue light from mobile devices or computer leads to feeling insomnia and lack of sleep and therefore affects the health, so be careful not to surf either of them an hour before going to sleep, while you can replace them by reading a book or listening to quiet music to help you relax .

6  Eating sweets before bedtime:

Desserts such as cake contain flour and sugar, which makes them high in calories, which need a long time to burn, so you eat sweets at night working to increase your weight very quickly, you can replace sweets with fresh fruit.

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