9 Rules for losing weight without regaining

9 Rules for losing weight without regaining 

Every day, there is new research and information on nutrition and weight loss, and despite the changing principles and trends of nutritionists, there are many common constants, which stimulate your body to burn calories, do not change over time and different systems. You are presented with the most important in this article.

There are many ways of weight loss diet plan, how to lose weight fast at home, how to lose weight fast with exercise, how much weight can you lose per day by not eating etc. But this article is related to …. How to lose weight at home?


1 Basic rule:

Eat good food and get rid of bad food
A basic rule comes at the top of any weight loss diet. Taking care of the number of calories your body gets is not enough to lose weight.

Good food: Unrefined food, coming directly from the earth without passing through many industrial processes, loses its natural benefits, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats and protein sources such as chicken and unprocessed meat (meat such as luncheon, couscous, and lobby).

Bad food: The food that harms your health and you can not lose weight easily and healthily, such as industrial drinks (juices and soft drinks), breakfast cereals, refined sugar, fried foods, and foods that contain saturated fats (like margarine or butter).

2 Eat enough fat:

Fat is what helps the hormones of happiness to appear, which drives the body to not averse to dieting and punishment, so stop eating fat is wrong in dieting, but you must eat the fats that useful to your body and get them from different sources, such as nuts and high fat (Salmon, Anchovy, and Tuna ) And others, of course, we talk about eating a calorie share suitable for your weight and composition of your body.

Eat whole grains:

Whole grains (whole wheat, oatmeal, bread with multiple grains or bran) contain what your body needs from fiber, vitamins, and minerals. So it is very important in your diet, provided that it is eaten at the right times and in calculated amounts. Because it contains a high percentage of sugar turned into fat. A portion of whole grains can be eaten at breakfast and lunch only, and avoid eating at dinner.

4 Eat carbohydrates carefully:

Pasta, rice, bread and other starches should taken very carefully and calculate the calories at the precise start of dieting. These components work to raise blood sugar levels very quickly and once eaten. If you are looking for sources of carbohydrates, make your main focus on vegetables are rich and reduce the intake of carbohydrates to once a day.

5 Eat 3-4 meals a day:

The purpose of increasing the number of meals, do not leave your body in a state of extreme hunger. Makes it go quickly to harmful foods, and always put in your handbag a healthy snack during the day regularly, so as to pray for the stage of hunger.

6 Water is the key of weight loss:

Whatever your diet, you will not notice improvement unless you regularly drink enough water every day. Remember to drink a glass of water every two hours at the latest.

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7  Developing well:

Sleeping at night for 6-8 hours a day is one of the most important weight loss factors. Your body will not be able to burn calories well in the morning if you do not get enough sleep at night.

8 Eat drinks to burn fat:

There are drinks that increase your body’s ability to burn fat, such as lemon and ginger. And it increases fat and earns you more weight, especially soft drinks, and sweetened juices.

9  Physical activity:

Play any sport even for ten minutes a day. Because it protects you from weight gain and increases fat burning rate.

This is some of the conditions that must met in your meals during dieting:

  • Breakfast should contain high protein and vegetables, and a few whole grains.
  • Lunch is the key, but it is important to calculate the calories found in their various components, from protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables.
  • Fruits and vegetables should eaten in reasonable quantities.
  • Lunch should not be delayed until late in the day, so your body can burn the resulting calories.
  • Finally, the dinner meal should be as light as a glass of yogurt with fruit or vegetables.