Amazing World

Amazing World

Welcome to the amazing world. It is amazing because we all live in it.

You all might think of an amazing world in some lush greenery of Switzerland or in the tropical beauty of the Far East. You may regard the world as amazing by the fact that it contains lots of beautiful places that everyone should visit. You may also believe in the amazing world because your mind can’t think of how it all came as it is.

In fact, you are amazed by the beauty of this world. Its perfections send you in a state of awe. You are actually stupefied by the manifestations of splendor in it.

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 But, my perception of an amazing world is quite different from what you all think.

This world is not about earning money and then spending it as per desire and then saying, “I am amazed”. It is also not about seeing different places and then believing that this world is amazing.

We can’t say that this world is amazing only by perceiving the fact that we have enjoyed what we have always wanted.

This world is amazing because people are more interested in letting others enjoy also what they want. In the “Amazing world” of me, I see no hatred or hard feelings. Sentiments of love and hope overflow in that world. Everyone is a helping hand and everyone is bound to say, “I am amazed” because it is the truly amazing world.


A child with a dirty face and living in slums is “My amazing world”. His smile for me is the most beautiful sight I can set my eyes on. Even far better than the beauty of the meadows in Europe or the busy hours in New York.

It’s not because I am very optimistic and like to see the brighter side of everything. But it is because I am amazed by the pureness of the smile.

I am amazed that from where does the vibrancy of this smile come? Even this much happiness in a smile seems absent in the smiles of billionaires who have nothing to care of.

For me, this world is amazing because it has life in it, souls in it, colors in it and above all, this is itself a witness to a lot of change.

The way I see people behave and interact with each other makes me amazed at how diverse can a man be and so can be the world he lives in.

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 I have a habit of making faces to people especially little children so that all their worries are shaken off. I do so with the sole purpose that at the end of the day they should have something to cheer or at least smile about to keep them happy.

Now when my mom was operated for stones in the liver and I was traveling back to my home in an ambulance with her, My eyes caught on to someone outside. It was a young girl of 6 years of age and she was making faces at me just as I used to make faces at others. That was the perfect definition of an amazing world for me.


Rumi says,

“Beauty is in the eyes of beholder”.

It is how you see the world that makes it amazing or not.

So if you are in search of an amazing world then it is right there where you are. An amazing world lies in front of you; rather, the world lies in front of you and you have to make it amazing by helping all others in need or at least supporting them emotionally at least.


 It is not that much difficult to make this world amazing. Nor does it require an overwhelming effort to do so.

In fact, if you take very small steps then you can make this world beautiful. You don’t have to ask others to do should follow these steps to make your own world amazing. And that world is the people around you, the people you interact with, the people you see and the people whose lives affected by your actions.

“As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.”

 Paul Shane Spear

  • Donate: Donate everything that you do not need anymore. Giveaway all those things you can work out without to those who have a dire need for them.
  • Volunteer: Present yourself openly for any task that can lead to anybody’s betterment.
  • Smile: One smile from you can make anyone’s day beautiful, so always smile whenever you can.
  • Conserve: Everything you use is the property of society entrusted to you. It can be food water or anything. Use them wisely so that others can also use them when required.
  • Respect: Respect everyone. Not by virtue of what they are but due to the fact that we all are humans and we all need to respect each other.


Our ultimate goal is a beautiful and peaceful world where everybody enjoys the same number of opportunities and rights as others. In short, we all are looking forward to an amazing world of our own.

It is our moral duty to reach out to all those in distress and help them get back on the track. Only this will lead to an amazing world we desire.