Back Pain Causes and Symptoms

Back Pain Causes and Symptoms | Back Pain Causes and Precautions

Today, at least one person of the family must suffer to this disease. Mostly, women suffer to this disease. Man, suffer to this disease when they are not young. Back pain occurs in people after 20 years old, and then it often hurts those who are overweight. If this pain some slight, then goes away immediately afterward.

Types of back pain

There are two types of back pain.

1 Severe pain

This kind of pain is temporary, which lasts a few days. But Its effects are extinguished in a few weeks with the use of natural prescriptions. This type of pain is acute felt a sudden sharp pain which serves as a warning to posed to human disease. Such as surgery, broken bone, erode, real accident, falling, spread, injury or shock, etc.

2 Chronic Pain

Back pain is chronic and permanent and after a significant injury, its signals to remain active in the nerve system for weeks, months or even years. In the same type of pain, the human body having a strained muscle. Due to this, they cannot move quickly. However, the emotional effects of anger, anxiety, frustration and fear remain which affect the daily routines of human life.


Due to back pain back muscles are weak and feeling pain during a walk around. With back pain, legs are also suffering pain, and because of this pain, hip also affected. The patient has severe anxiety. The patient can not easily bend. Fever becomes too in severe pain. Because of back pain also pose headaches and insomnia disorders.


 If joint pain occurs then, the patient will also complain of back pain and patients becomes even slight fever and cough. Back pain also present in particular diseases of women. It may not feel the pain of hunger besides the weight loss, calcium deficiency and blood.

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Common reason

  • Sit without the support of the knees or waist.
  • Using the high-heel shoes.
  • Pick heavy-weight.
  • Weight lifting with one hand.
  • Exercise incorrectly.


  • Avoid sitting in the same position on knees.
  • Use support behind the back by wall or pillows.
  • Use straight-back chairs.
  • Don’t do exercise which causes of back pain.


You can strengthen your back through the very simple and easy exercises and get relief from back pain. These workouts completed in just a few minutes after awakening in the morning.

  • Lie down on the floor
  • Flex the knees
  • By this soles of your feet completely on the floor
  • Now gently press your waist so that It began to touch the floor
  • This way you will create strong abdominal muscles.