CVS near me

CVS Near Me

Over the years CVS Pharmacy has been a trademark of pharmacy across the globe. CVS Pharmacy has been the torchbearers of innovation and collaboration in the pharmaceutical industry. Their history can be traced back to 1963 when the first CVS store, selling health and beauty products, was founded in Lowell, Massachusetts by brothers Stanley and Sidney Goldstein and partner Ralph Hoagland.It sold beauty products as well as pharmacy items.

CVS basically stands for Consumer Value Stores.”What is the CVS near me?” is a common question nowadays.

According to Wikipedia

CVS Pharmacy is currently the largest pharmacy chain in the United States by the number of locations (over 9,600 as of 2016) and total prescription revenue. As the retail pharmacy division of CVS Health, it ranks as the 7th largest U.S. Corporation according to Fortune 500 in 2016.

With a customer satisfaction rating of 95% and a total of 35M people visiting CVS stores and a community of 75M+ people connected to a modernized yet caring network of health care, CVS Pharmacy is the birth of a new era in the field of Pharmacy.

CVS Pharmacy is now owned by Melville Corporation with its headquarters in Rhode Islands.

CVS Stores in the USA: CVS Near Me

CVS and Walgreens together own 70% of USA’s pharmaceutical industry with thousands of stores across the country. There are 9600+ CVS stores in the USA. Following are to name a few,

  1.  CVS

  • Juno Beach, FL, USA
  • +1 561-622-9414
  • Opens at 8:00 AM

2.   CVS

  • Greenwood, IN, United States
  • +1 317-881-1655
  • Open 24 hours

3·   CVS

  • Fort Pierce, FL, USA
  • +1 772-464-0434
  • Opens at 8:00 AM

4·  CVS Pharmacy

  • Holiday, FL, USA
  • +1 727-937-5193
  • Opens at 8:00 AM

5·  CVS

  • Vero Beach, FL, USA
  • +1 772-567-7136
  • Opens at 7:00 AM

6·  CVS Pharmacy

  • Florence, KY, USA
  • +1 859-283-5362
  • Opens at 8:00 AM

7·   CVS Pharmacy

  • Venice, FL, USA
  • +1 941-484-8814
  • Opens at 7:00 AM

8·  CVS Pharmacy

  • Target
  • Apple Valley, CA, United States
  • +1 760-240-5501
  • Opens at 7:00 AM

9·  CVS Pharmacy

  • Davenport, FL, USA
  • +1 863-420-7563
  • Opens at 9:00 AM

10·  CVS

  • Clearwater, FL, USA
  • +1 727-799-0910
  • Opens at 8:00 AM

11·  CVS Pharmacy

  • Carson City, NV, United States
  • +1 775-883-7011
  • Opens at 8:00 AM

12·  CVS Pharmacy

  • Apple Valley, CA, USA
  • +1 760-946-3335
  • Opens at 8:00 AM

13·  CVS Pharmacy

  • Mandeville, LA, USA
  • +1 985-626-8106
  • Opens at 8:00 AM

14·   CVS

  • Avon Crossing
  • Avon, IN, USA
  • +1 317-272-0242
  • Open 24 hours

15·   CVS Pharmacy

  • Target
  • Casselberry, FL, USA
  • +1 407-830-7979
  • Opens at 9:00 AM

CVS Customer Reviews

CVS has a long history of customer satisfaction but in the recent years, it has been less appreciated as a Pharmaceutical company as compared to its competitors.CVS has not only made less progress in the field of renovation but it has also been termed as the worst pharma company to work for in the USA.

On the other hand, its competitor Walgreens is making a steady progress and is posing serious threats to CVS Health in the market. While CVS Health aims at driving more people to its stores by urging doctors to prescribe its stores, Walgreens is trying to effectively control the market by cost management that is more desirable for the customers.

 CVS Vs Walgreens

It is as an epic a battle as ‘McGregor vs Mayweather’ because it is not just a fight for being better than each other but in fact, both the pharma giants are trying to have their supremacy on a huge pharma industry of $86bn.

While CVS stock quote has been 77.45 with a decrease of 0.19 (0.24%), Walgreens is having an edge with the recent quote of 77.52 and an increase of 0.23 (0.30%).

Back to back analysis





Overall rating

Offers free shipping for all products irrespective of cost

Shipping costs

Offers free shipping on products over 35$
Offers free return and exchange services for all products

Returns and exchange policy

Offers free return and exchange services for all items purchased on website
Offers product at higher prices than competitors

Price management

Offers products on competitive and fewer prices than competitors
CVS offers a range of discounts on various products for students

Student discount policies

Walgreens has no special discount policy for students


CVS; what it will turn out to be?

CVS management believes that they will be able to increase their profits by 10% for the next following years despite the fact that they have lost 18% of their shares in the stock.

CVS may look forward to offering a new range of products to attract sales backed by effective marketing strategies. They may also look for specialty pharmacy to boost up their sales in the following years. CVS Health CEO Larry Merlo has recently talked about potential future deals in the upcoming days so we can also expect that CVS engulfs some smaller specialty pharma companies.

Either way, 2017 has not been a good year for CVS pharma and they need to pull up soon.