Essential foods

Essential foods for women | list of essential foods

Healthy exercise and a balanced diet mandatory for a healthy life of women. Some foods delivered to the beneficiaries, especially in women and protect them from different diseases and help in achieving good health.

List of essential foods:


Essential foods

Maybe you do not like the taste of Spinach, but they are the best minerals and vitamins. If spinach not included in the diet then it will be your big mistake. Magnesium is abundant in spinach, which is not only necessary for bone and blood sugar control. Magnesium also reduces the risk of asthma attacks. So spinach is essential and beneficial for women.

Linseed seeds

Essential foods

I have good amounts of flax seed, omega-3, and fatty acids, which have a particular importance in our mental and physical health. It will protect the brain against many diseases and also fit well.

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Essential foods

Cranberry is very famous among women. Cranberry protects women from heart disease and dental problems. So the use of cranberry is very beneficial for women’s health.


Essential foods

It is an integral part of every kitchen. The tomatoes are very useful because they found a substance called lycopene which protects women from breast cancer and heart disease. By eating a tomato, you will reduce your daily cholesterol and make your bones very healthy.


Essential foods

Heart health, improved digestion, balance blood pressure, prevent bad mood, they all made from oats. Oats are very beneficial food. Since oats are also rich in dietary fiber, it helps to reduce cholesterol and useful for pregnant women. By using oats, women will keep the gut healthy.


Essential foods

It is a name of fish, which is very healthy and essential for men and women.

  • It has 412 Calories, 27 g Fat, 109 mg Cholesterol, 117 mg Sodium, 719 mg Potassium, 40 g Protein.
  • Salmon has 1 % of Vitamin A and 12 % of Vitamin C.

However, Salmon fish is very healthful, especially for women.

Sushi Food

Sushi food is another kinds of beneficial food for any. Because of that is reduced fat and cholesterol. Also, provide the proper nutrition such as Protein and Vitamin A & D. To make easy in-home needed some kinds of Fresh vegetables, sea-fish, and occasionally tropical fruits. Using sushi knife to cut slide types.