Excessive use of antibiotics

Excessive use of antibiotics

Red Alert, what happening up to 2050?

Misuse of antibiotics is increasing in worldwide. The bacteria have created a resistance to these drugs. Up to 2050, antimicrobial resistant infections will kill 300 million people in worldwide. Health experts say that it is necessary for good health that must avoid the excessive use of antibiotics.

Excessive use of antibiotics

Antibiotic Reaction

Health experts have expressed these views while addressing a press conference to mark the International week of awareness of antibiotics. Today, most antibiotics prescribed but we are proposing an appropriate antibiotic at this time.

Antibiotics also called antimicrobial drugs that fight against infections in humans and animals. It is also noteworthy that the animals are given antibiotics as healthy with food. The world is moving toward an era (post-antibiotic era) which had been recovering from common infections and wounds that antibiotics for years. Moreover, thousands of people have lost their lives.

An estimated, 7 million people die annually in worldwide because of anti-microbial resistant. A type of antibiotics that inhibit the growth of bacteria and eliminate and have no effect on viruses.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria is the capacity, which takes antibiotic resistance against to drugs and extinguished the impact. The antibiotics are not effective against bacteria and infection. After resistance, Bacteria gets stronger, its remains not only alive but also transferred from only one person; It is the major threats to human health.

Planted 100 trillionsĀ on antimicrobial resistant infections. In the last few years, 36% increase in use, while 2050 enhance the utilization of an antimicrobial in animals.

So excessive use of antibiotics is very harmful to humans. Excessive use of antibiotics will vanish your health, and your health is going to down day by day. In the modern era, people addicted to excessive use of antibiotics. Due to excessive use of antibiotics, the ratio of heart attacks increases in worldwide.