Fuelio: Gas log & prices 7.6. 28 Apk Total paid Newest is a Auto & Vehicles Android program

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Fuelio is straightforward, simple to use android application to keep track of your mileage, gasoline consumption and gasoline expenses. Using this App you may track car costs, auto service, your fill-ups, fuel consumption, car´s mileage, gasoline costs/gas costs and save money.

See the summary of mileage, gas prices for one or more vehicles. Supports different fuel types and also bi-fuel vehicles.

The program will even show you fuel prices and closest gas stations.

Fuelio: Gas log & prices is utilizing full tank algorithm to compute fuel consumption. As a result of this, the program can compute how many litres/gallons of fuel you’ve used between fill-ups. When you purchase fuel just enter the quantity you bought and your current odometer value. Fill-up will calculate your fuel economy/efficiency, keep a log of your purchases, and exhibit plots and data for your data.
The program provides statistics as average and total number of fill-ups, fuel expenses and mileage at a nice-looking, simple to use interface and in visual graphs.

Fuelio program stores your data locally but any time you need, you can join it to the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive) and be sure that you will not loose your data even after tripping or crashing your device.

— Easy and clean layout
— Mileage log (monitor your fill-ups, gas expenses, fuel economy, partial fill-ups, gps place )
— Prices tracking (auto service)
— Vehicle direction — gas prices
— Multiple vehicles
— Bi-fuel car tracking (with two tanks eg. :-LRB-******)
Dropbox Sync (official API)
Auto-backup with Dropbox (while including fill-ups or prices )
Google Drive Backup (official APIv2)
Auto-backup with Google Drive (while including fill-ups or prices )
Shortcut (widget) for quicker fill-ups including
Costs module it is possible to monitor other expenses of your car (not just fuel)
Price stats — you can specify your own category (such as service, maintenance, insurance, wash, parking…)
Overview and every category stats
Price charts (fuel vs additional expenses, categories, total monthly prices )
Reporting module — produce report for your vehicle, save it to TEXT file and share it! 28
Today you can see up-to-date fuel costs for the country of Chile
Translation update

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