How To Soften Feet Fast

How To Soften Feet Fast

There are many ways to soften your feet very fast. So if you suffer from constant dryness of the skin, especially in the area of the feet, you should take care of them constantly. Today we offer you the types of softening of the feet and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

A Cooler Sanding Abrasive Paper

It is a cardboard extruder, much like wood sandpaper, and mounted on a plastic mask to facilitate its use. It can use on the foot from the top and should change every two months. Because it loses its ability to sanding or smoothing with use.

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The spongy stone

Also called “Pumice Stone”
The spongy stone has medium pores and a soft texture, which helps to get rid of the dead skin around the heels and fingers, as well as the dust and dirt on the foot.
The spongy stone changes every two months because it loses its ability to soften with time, and it is characterized by its low price.

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Metal Foot Cooler

It is like a kitchen grinder, made of metal, with a metal protruding from the skin of the dead skin, gently attached to a plastic holder.

Natural Foot Stone

This is one of the oldest methods of cleaning and softens the foot. This stone is made of natural stone has a large and soft pore, which removes the dead skin from the foot easily and leaves it smooth without the need for other tools to soften.
It is also easy to use and can easily clean and kept for long periods of up to a year. It is also available in pharmacies and perfume shops at very low prices.

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Moose remove dead skin

It is similar to a shaver. It is a square and works to remove dead skin and skin nails, but its use requires a high degree of specialization so as not to injure yourself, and it is a defect that works to increase the growth of dead skin quickly.

Electrostatic Peeler

It is a composite stone in a small machine, which rotated to soften the feet more easily, without the need any effort.
It has several pieces that you can change to suit different foot parts. Electrostatic Peeler is also available in pharmacies and beauty shops and its price is not high.

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