How to take care of colored hair

How to take care of colored hair | Top 15 Tips and Tricks for dyed hair

There are best 15 tips that how to take care of colored hair:

Select the best color and quality

  • Do not dye hair at home for the first time.
  • For first hair coloring, consult with the professional hair stylist.
  • Choose ammonia free hair color.
  • Red color hardly rises on hairs and quickly descends that is why to choose the hair color according to your hair’s health.

Minimal use of shampoo on dyed hair

  • Just shampoo twice a week is good for dyed hairs.
  • Excessive use of shampoo will vanish the color of dyed hairs and retained your hairs.
  • Remember that after dyeing the hair do not wash hair up to two days.

Do not wash hair with hot water

  • Do not wash dyed hairs with hot water because with warm water, the color of hairs quickly goes down.
  • Warm water will vanish the shining of your hairs.

Regular conditioning

  • Must apply conditioner after washing the hairs.
  • Use a hair conditioner for ten minutes and wrapped hair in a warm towel so that hair will be soft and smooth.
  • Shampoo twice a week and also apply conditioner.

Use sulfate free shampoo

  • Use sulfate free shampoo on dyed hair, because the sulfate salt in the hair destroys the hair’s moisture and hair color affects.

Do not use baby shampoo

  • Some women use baby shampoo on hair which shines and clean the hairs.
  • Clarifying chemicals are present in baby shampoo which clean the dirt and dust. However, also take off the color at the bottom of the hair. That’s why always use protecting shampoo on dyed hair.

Avoid hot treatment

  • Avoid hot treatment for hair and relaxing, if necessary then do not on wet hair.

Use Vitamin B and C


  • Development of dyed hair is slow, and hairs grow weak. Therefore, must use vitamin B and C for increase the health of dyed hair. So that hair shine and elasticity not affected.
  • In your diet, use protein rich foods or memory boosting foods like eggs, fish, spinach, and carrots.

Do UV protection

  • Sun rays act as natural bleach that affects hair color. That’s why protect your dyed hair from the sun’s rays.
  • Must use UV protection spray which has SPF 01 or 51 so that color of your hair safe for long.

Avoid chlorine

  • Chlorine is harmful to the health of hair.
  • Should try to protect dyed hair from chlorine.
  • The water in the swimming pool has plenty of chlorine.

Do not use hair color more and quickly

  • Do hair dye once in a month.
  • If the color starts off from the roots of hair, then you may use color hair spray and reapplied mascara.

Homemade protein mask

  • Dyed hair required more protein than simple hair.
  • For Immediately protein treatment, ten minutes before the bath put a little bit mayonnaise Or put a mask of proteins.
  • To make proteins mask (1 spoon honey, mix one banana and egg yolk) leave this protein mask for ½ (half) hour and then wash it.

Brushing carefully

  • Wet hair is more vulnerable than dry hair, so do not brush wet hair.
  • Do not use a hair dryer for dry the hair.
  • Dry dyed hair with natural air.
  • Slowly Using the fine comb till dry the hairs if the dyed hair were dead and retained.

Use Alcohol-free products

  • Use the alcohol-free mousse, gel lotion, and spray for hair styling.

No more use of vinegar and lemon

  • Do not abundance use the of lemon and vinegar on dyed hair
  • Blend in water if used to enhance hair shine.