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Did you know?

The animal world is an amazing world, which is full of information, facts, wonders, and amazing oddities. Animals have many different breeds and species that spread throughout the world.

Each breed has many physical and morphological characteristics, as well as behavior, marriage, and migration. The human being is one of the most important creatures created by God Almighty. God created it so that we know his great power and good deeds. We also worship him as worthy of his greatness and mightiness.

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The man has given great attention to animals since ancient times and science is always seeking to discover more information and facts about the animal world. God ordered us to think about these animals. Humans derive the number of benefits from animals.

The wonders and strangeness of interesting animals:

  • Ants: The ant is the most social animal on the earth in terms of numbers, and it is a wonder of this animal that can smell things easily.
  • Pig: The pig cannot swim in the water, because his hands are two front and two under his body, so he kills himself if he falls into the water.
  • The Dumbo octopus: Dumbo lives in the deepest and most distant point in the ocean, which may reach seven thousand 7000 meters.
  • The bee is one of the strangest animals that live a regulated and orderly life. Every individual in the cell does his job perfectly. Scientists have discovered that when a bee flies, its wings flap three hundred and fifty rupees per second.
  • The parrot differs from all birds as the only bird that can move its upper and lower beams, compared with the rest of the birds that move only one net. This is one of the interesting animals.
  • Male foxes marry only one female, and never approach any other female throughout her life, while females in the event of the death of a male fox, they may be associated with another male.
  • The deer has placed in its body, through which it can breathe. It breathes quickly without fatigue, as it escapes the predatory creatures.
  • Transparent sea jelly is a marine organism belonging to the mollusks, which found in the tropics and sub-tropics. It is similar in shape to the sack. It is gelatinous. Its water content is about 95 percent of its weight. Its body is devoid of mind, heart, blood, and eyes. It has an uncomplicated stomach and digestive system, through which it can digest food
  • Frogs: It is an odd thing in frogs that they can absorb water through their skin. They can suck water from a wet napkin, and they do not breathe with their mouths because if they open it, dies to suffocate.
  • Fish: The fish cannot chew their food because fish swallow it quickly. Fishes breathe from their mouth, and if keep food, and then strangled.
  • The dogs have a strong and precise hearing sense, allowing them to hear clockwork from a distance of 40 feet, with their ability to locate and move towards them.
  • The cat uses her tongue to treat her various wounds by licking the wound several times. Cats tongue contains a number of glands that are secreted wound-treating enzymes and relieve pain.