Reasons for Diabetes

Reasons for Diabetes | 6 reasons for diabetes

what is diabetes

Diabetes is a disease if it poses to anyone, then it is impossible to get rid of it. The victims can keep it under control in certain foods or habits. However, if you have diabetes and check your blood sugar levels on a daily basis and take proper diet, then you will recover your health.

 6 reasons for diabetes

Do not eat breakfast

Reasons for Diabetes

People suffering from obesity who do not eat breakfast, insulin and blood sugar levels increased after lunch. Most individuals who do not eat breakfast, risk of diabetes disease is 21% higher. Morning diet, especially protein, and healthy fats help to keep the blood sugar levels throughout the day. People living with diabetes should be avoided to a great extent the use of fat in your diet.

Use of Artificial Sugar (Sweetness)

Reasons for Diabetes

After suffering diabetes, if you are leaving regular sugar and prefer artificial sugar then artificial sweetness has the negative impact on your health. Artificial sweetness may increase blood sugar levels too high. In fact, this kind of sweetness does baffle the bacteria found in the stomach. As a result, they do not work for the body to process glucose. The fear of diabetic people leave the cold drinks and prefer diet drinks should avoid it.

Use of coffee

Reasons for Diabetes

The use of coffee has the risk of diabetes type two. However, people who have fallen prey to the disease coffee may prove harmful for them. No that, do not use coffee but its use requires great care. Because it can increase the level of blood sugar to the use of black coffee without milk and sugar.


Reasons for Diabetes

Now, the flu or another type of infection, in such situations, the body’s defense system fighting a special bacteria that removes chemicals. This can get out of control of your blood sugar level. In fact, the disease is a type of stem which increases the physical defense. One effect of this seems to make more glucose to increase the body’s physical energy, which would create an obstacle to insulin. That is a dramatic increase in the disease in the body’s blood sugar levels. In such circumstances, the victims of diabetes require special food and drink guide.

Distance from sleep

Reasons for Diabetes

Good night’s rest is the best medicine, especially if you have diabetes. Type one diabetes, who are taking sleeping only four hours a night, so the insulin sensitivity reduced to 20%. In simple, Insufficient sleep increases in a physical disturbance and it will increase the blood sugar level.


Reasons for Diabetes

Indeed, a smoking habit is not good for a healthy life. However, especially smoking is very harmful to those people who have diabetes.