Rice water for skin whitening | rice water toner

Rice water having some strange benefits so you will never have to throw water!

For Centuries, the water of rice is considered very useful to increase the human beauty. This natural tonic of rice will make your skin very soft and smooth. It also plays a role in hair conditioner. The best thing is that the tonic can easily prepare in your home. Large amounts of vitamins and minerals are present in the rice water. These vitamins and minerals are very helpful to increase the beauty of your skin. In this era, many people use rice water for skin whitening.

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How Rice water is helpful?

Rice water for skin whitening

Usually, takes a half cup of rice into the water and wash them well, then take a cup of water in rice. Now there is half water in the cup and half rice. Put the rice soaked for a while. The rice soaked in water until the color is not white. When the water is entirely white, then facial toner is ready.

Now you put this water out of a clean bottle and place into the fridge, use this tonic up to 4 to 5 days. You can make tonic during cook rice. If you use one cup water for cooking rice, pour a one and a half cup of water to cook the rice. When your rice is ready, then remove the water from rice and use this water as a tonic for your skin and hairs. This tonic is very helpful for your skin’s beauty.

The water increases the brightness of your face. First, you must wash your face; then the wet cotton soaked in the water and used on their faces admirably. If you want to use as an incorporated mask, take a cotton cloth and get wet in the rice water and keep it in the face and remove it after one minute. This way you can use rice water as a mask.