Summer Life Hacks

Summer Life Hacks

Top 10 Life Hacks For Summer:

Ready for the summer? I also. If you are looking easy ways to prepare yourself for the hot weather then this article is for you. If you have any interesting hacks to add to this list, please leave your hacks in the comments.

Basic 10 Summer Life Hacks:

1. Keep the water cold:

When you are going for long distances then you should fill half plastic bottles of water and then freeze them. While traveling, when you need to drink then pop it out of the fridge and fill the rest with fresh water.

2. Take ice cubes:

Take ice cubes to enjoy every last drop of your favorite cold drink.

3. Cool burns:

Freeze aloe in cubes to get “instant” relief for sunburn skin.

4. Freeze the grapes:

For a healthy and satisfying environment, just wash the seeds-free grapes and stick them in the fridge. They will resist and help you to keep the cool on hot days.

5. Manipulate the air conditioner:

If you suffer without AC fan then you may try to formulate this detailed DIY air conditioner using a box fan, some copper tubes, and a cooler.

Summer Life Hacks

Summer Life Hacks