The Mysterious Star That Dreams of Extraterrestrials
The Mysterious Star That Dreams of Extraterrestrials

The Mysterious Star That Dreams of Extraterrestrials

Kepler Space Telescope spotted an enormous structure made by extraterrestrials or simply a multitude of bodies swirling around a distant star? Scientists put the subject on the table.

Have we found evidence of an extraterrestrial civilization?

Originally a strange phenomenon observed by the Kepler space telescope, around a distant star of the Milky Way, known as KIC8462852. The planets orbiting block the light of this star at regular intervals. New Scientist says that ranging from a few hours to a few days & depending on how long they rotate around this star. 

But things seem quite different for KIC 8462852, which located at 1480 light years from our solar system. Its brightness changes abruptly and erratically.

The Atlantic Tabetha Boyajian says that we had never seen anything like this. It was really weird. We thought it could be bad data or movements of the ship [which carries the telescope], but everything has been verified.

The various hypotheses explored by the researcher – such as the presence of a dense cloud of comets in orbit around the star.

Among these, the possibility that this strange behavior of light is due to a megastructure fabricated by a non-human intelligent civilization. This megastructure would disrupt the regular passage of light.

The extraterrestrials must always be the very last hypothesis to consider, but it looked like something that one might expect from an alien civilization.

On the other hand, For European researchers, interviewed by the Deutsche Welle site, it would rather be a gas-filled hole.

Alain Lecavelier of the Etangs (of the Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris) says that” I would certainly bet my car that it is not an astrophysical megastructure. And I’m even tempted to put my house on the line.