About us

Ipeadia is a printing service and store in Vietnam, realizing the strong growth of online shopping is an opportunity to expand our store globally, we decided to establish Ipeadia.com with the goal of bringing products to the world.

Our products include ceramic mugs, caps, hats and these can be personalized. More than 50% of Ipeadia’s business focuses on personalized products so that customers can own unique and differentiated products.

Ipeadia’s design and marketing team from Vietnam with creative thinking and design skills, the spirit of relentless learning to improve knowledge, develop and best meet the needs of customers is one of our strengths and pride.

What are the benefits that Ipeadia bring to customers?

+ It can be said that what helps Ipeadia get the attention of customers is thanks to the product quality and professional working attitude. Because according to Ipeadia, it is more important to work with one’s own capacity, dedication and experience to bring quality products.
+ Coming to Ipeadia, customers can be completely satisfied with the quality, because from the selection of materials, colors to design, tailoring, … are under our strict control. Therefore, products delivered to you are guaranteed to be durable, beautiful and unique.
+ Not only that, but Ipeadia also gives customers a high variety of product choices.
Ipeadia rates are suitable for everyone.

Ipeadia contact information.
If you have any questions, please contact us via the hotline, email below for a more detailed consultation!
Main office address: 53 St #192 Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City 700000
Email address: contact@ipeadia.com
US Phone number: +1 240 284 8512
VN Phone number: +84 326116948